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A life of Balance
A life of Peace. 
A life worth Living.

Discover Healing
Through Compassionate Care

We are here to help you achieve balance and peace on your journey to well-being. We provide the compassionate support you need to overcome life's challenges. Whether you are struggling with the aftermath of trauma, the weight of anxiety or depression, or the complexities of relationships, we're here to guide you toward healing and growth.

Allison Jones

Meet Allison Jones

Allison Jones, the founder of Huronia Mind Health, is dedicated to helping individuals achieve emotional well-being and mental health. With a compassionate and understanding approach, Allison specializes in trauma, anxiety, depression, emotional management, and relationship issues. Her practice is built on the belief that everyone deserves love, respect, compassion, and dignity.

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Emotional Management

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In-Person and Virtual Sessions

We offer both in-person sessions in Tiny, ON, and virtual sessions across Ontario, PEI, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan ensuring you can access the care you need, wherever you are. 

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